It’s about lotions and potions. It’s about what I’ve learned and how I hope to make you smile, motivate you to think a bit, and hopefully have some fun together. Yes indeed! Every day can be a grand adventure. Come on and smile.

There are so many lotions/potions/soaping sites out there already. I’m not the expert that some others are, but I will save you time and money and heartache, if you are getting into the DIY creation of products you rub on your body. Since 2013, I’ve invested hours (upon hours!) in reading what the Internet has to offer. I have spent energy figuring out who is out there capable of meeting my own rigid requirements for excellence in teaching and mentoring. With that said, please note that I have no intention of offering you an exhaustive list. Instead, I’m going to share my prized list of the people whom I read and follow. I’ll also tell you why I have found them to be worth my time and possibly yours. After four years, the list is rather small. It was once much longer, when it was an anxiously bookmarked hodgepodge of soapy stuff.

Save yourself some precious time and follow these five brilliant women. Then you will be able to sort out the world of lotions, potions, aromatherapy and soaping. I’ll talk in detail about my experiences with each of them/their writings. I’ll list them in the order they came into my world. I have only met one of them, but as I reflected on it not long ago, I realized all of them have had an amazing influence on my life these past few years.

  1.  Andrea Butje, https://www.aromahead.com/
  2. Maria Rayma, http://www.humblebeeandme.com/
  3. Susan Barclay Nichols, http://swiftcraftymonkey.blogspot.com/
  4. Anne-Marie Faiola, http://www.soapqueen.com/
  5. Kenna Cote, http://www.modernsoapmaking.com/about-modern-soapmaking/

These women are the High Five in my book. Follow them. Buy their books. Go to their workshops/classes. Become a Patreon for/with them. Trust me and my lessons learned! They will lead you to the places you will want to go.

Expand your horizons by limiting your scope, focusing your mind. After you do that, I’ll introduce you to a couple more players who have come into my world more recently. I’ll explain why you want them in yours, too.

Sound advice in my mind.

About now, you are wondering why you should bother reading these paragraphs, if I’m suggesting you follow the list of ladies above. “Well, Pam, what is that you have to offer, if these are the wonder women of their industries?”

There’s a simple answer, really. I am a realist. I’m the one who has made tons of their formulas/recipes. I’m the one who has made the mistakes. I’m the one who will keep your endorphins awake and help you sort through what it is you want to know and what it is you need to know. I’m your translator. Please reach out to me. More about me later.

In the following writings, I’ll delve into how I perceive what these women offer. I will share how I learn from them and what you might expect. Now, go bookmark those sites … and we’ll talk more later.