So much of what I write and think about in this blog came from one of these three people. I want to give them credit now, so you can see and feel their influence and my own sincere gratitude. I’m not sure we do that enough these days. I hope your adventure is full of great influencers. Please don’t forget to let them know as well.

Andrea …

How I 'Met' Her

It was January of 2014, and I thought my world was bleaker than it had ever been before. I had just lost my career, meaning my identity, and I realized I had nothing beyond that tiny world of work … there was no passion outside of that work-life orbit. I was drowning my sorrows at a nearby brunch restaurant. I went to the restroom where they had one of those coconut oil+salt+fragrance scrubs. You are supposed to try it and then buy 4 ounces at the register for $12.00. I tried it and thought, “Hmm. I bet I could make this.” From that beginning I became interested in aromatherapy, and my fingers found Aromahead’s website. I could have landed on top of so many dead ends, but I didn’t! I emailed the info box. She emailed me back. I have now taken just about every course Aromahead offers.

Why You Want to Meet Her

Andrea and her team teach awesome aromatherapy courses including a certification course. She is often a guest speaker around the globe. She is the author of two books. Both of these are great and different for beginners. She is highly respected in a field sprinkled with questionable characters.


Andrea’s Site  Andrea’s books

Marie …

How I 'Met' Her

Here is yet another story of good fortune. I had decided that I wanted to make more than salt scrubs. I clicked around for recipes all the time and was dipping my toes in natural lotions. Those recipes were never consistent and usually used beeswax as an emulsifier of sorts. I knew when a formula didn’t quite make sense, but I didn’t yet know why. Then, I discovered Marie’s site, Humblebee and Me. The previously clouded formula world suddenly became crystal clear!

Why You Want to Meet Her

Whether you are a beginner in the world of lotion and potion formulas, or you have been at it awhile, her website is full of great formulas and ideas. I do believe it was her formulas that brought me out of the dark ages and into the beginning of my true understanding of creating good body stuff. Her book just came out and is all about DIY natural-esque makeup. She has a Patreon site and, you can receive certain perks at certain donation levels.

Marie’s Site Marie’s book

Susan …

How I 'Met' Her

It was time. I had been dabbling in lotions and potions for several years when one day, I googled some obsure ingredient I had read about and up popped Susan’s web/blog site. What a find! If you truly want to understand the science and chemistry behind lotions, potions. or the stuff you rub on faces and bodies and scalps and feet … just bookmark her site today. It is not a website, but more like a continual blog message that just never quite ends. You will know when you are ready for her.

Why You Want to Meet Her

You want to devour her web/blog site. You want to become one of her Patreons. She has figured out the magic to having patreons and what to do for them. You want her e-books/zines. When you are ready to take your DIYing to the next level, you will devour Susan. She is another hard working Canadian.

Susan’s Site Susan’s books

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

I am full of gratitude toward these three people. When I reflect on how I happened upon them, I marvel at the order in which they came into my life. I recommend you find them in the same order as you will get what you need when you need it.

Later, I’ll introduce you to the soapers who influence me.

Meanwhile, go find your passion … and, along with Andrea, Marie, and Susan … add the Gaping Void crew to your reading list.