It’s been almost two weeks and my lips are just now healing. The small lye hole in my nose is barely noticeable now. Worse than my burned lips and unwanted nose piercing is the Ghost of my Mother who has been hovering over my right shoulder since I made this soap. “If Amy jumped off a bridge, would you?” she whispers over and over.

Sometimes she manages to interchange cliff with bridge which adds a little bit of variety in her constant ghostly nagging.  Admittedly, I can’t really blame her. I am a smart woman who has reached an age where I should also be wise, but, against all of my instincts and logic, I went ahead and participated in this month’s challenge … even as I wondered how in the world the process could be anywhere near safe and how it wouldn’t / couldn’t hurt. As it turns out, it was far from safe for me even though I followed all of the tutorial precautions, and … it does hurt. Lots.

The Soap Formula 🙂

The experience started out with a fun formula and a great slow trace. I had eight fantastic Mad Micas for the vivid sunset effect and a beautiful essential oil blend from Kenna’s new essential oil calculator on Modern Soapmaking. All was right with the world … or so I thought.

The mess grew. My lips were on fire. My lungs were reminding me that my COPD diagnosis is not fake news. I felt like I’d blown out a hundred candles and blown up a hundred balloons.
Forty five minutes into the process, it was time to clean up and that was when I realized just how many straws I had used trying to save my face. You can see about 1/4 of them in this photo.

The lab. The straws. The mess. The aftermath.

After a few days, I just wasn’t sure where to begin to slice, shave and plane in order to cut the new insanity into bars…

All dressed up with no place to go!

Here is the wet view:

Wet stuff

And, finally, the finished July Challenge:

Dry challenge submission

Will I ever do this again?
If you are reading this, you know the answer because you know what you will do.
Yesterday, my husband gave me this gift for the next time!

Enough said? 🙂

No more straws in the mouth, but I’m already visioning this next piece of art!