You read the Get Angry blog, and now you are ready to learn more about essential oil purity and adulteration. If you are using essential oils in your life, adulteration is a very scary possibility. The whole world of adulterated essential oils will scare you. But, knowledge is power, useful … and scary.

The reality:
Many essential oils are contaminated, adulterated, impure, and not what the labels profess.
[but not end of story]

What can you do?
How about a little light research? A few Google clicks … a little questioning?

One of the easier to understand, yet non-biased articles on this subject is by Dr. Sudhir Mestri. You don’t even have to Google him to find it as it is right here. He published his article in 2016. When you finish perusing it, take a look at Tony Burfield’s article, published in 2003. When I was writing my own paper on the topic of adulteration, which translates as ripping people off, I chortled when I discovered these two articles. Tony’s is much longer, but take a look at them side-by-side and see if you can figure out why I laughed/smirked. I love irony in real life … but I digress.

Those two articles will likely give you the background you need to understand the issue. Once you digest them, and you have read my paper, you need to meet another real-life anti-adulteration crusader, Dr. Robert Pappas. He is a mild-mannered chemistry professor by profession, but when he dons his superhero cape, he becomes Doc EO and fights for truth and justice in the essential oil world.

I encourage you to cheer him on virtually. Reading/watching his Facebook pages will give you real life insight into the widespread panic of adulteration.

As I write today, a new virtual foundation has just opened. Please like/follow this. Tell the world! They will be testing essential oils at no charge to us … to the customers, the users of essential oils! This is a very big deal, a VBD. I paid $300 for one GC-MS test, and that was as a favor to me because I was a student. Most labs charge close to $1000 per test.

What else should you read to add to your learning?

If you want to go light, take a look at Kirsten King’s blogs. My favorite is her Top 5 Myths about GC/MS. While you are in her sight, take a look at her other posts.

If you really want more intense learning, get The Chemistry of Essential Oils which you can find at Amazon.

Finally, you can take courses online. I highly recommend any Aromahead course or any of Doc Pappas’ You Tube chemistry courses.

Once you’ve digested the information in these links, it’s time for action. The next post will bring you Get Activated: Change the Polluted World of Essential Oils