I fell in love with the idea of essential oils in 2014.
Then I fell in love with using essential oils in 2015.
Then I fell in love with blending essential oils in 2016.
And then in 2017, I finally got angry about essential oils.
I have talked about it on Facebook and now, here.

For a long time, I only bought essential oils from one supplier, Aromatics International.
The reason was simple. It was the place my instructor had recommended and the vendor who gave Aromahead students a discount. It was one more thing I just didn’t have to think about at all. I lived in my happy, little bubble for a few years … and it was peaceful there.

…and then. Ka-boom!

The forces aligned again with the onset of two events.
First, I discovered soap-making. Six months later I decided to finish my aromatherapy thesis and complete my aromatherapy certification. I intended to use essential oils in my soaps which means using a great deal of essential oils per batch. To give you an idea, I use about 55-80 grams per batch of soap and each soap batch makes about 1200-1500 wet grams. At the end of the day, I wind up with about two-and-a-half pounds of soap. That’s a lot of words to simply say … I needed to buy more essential oil than before! So I began to look around and see how experienced soapers were buying essential oils.

Some of those experienced soapers recommended vendors with unbelievable pricing. [Here’s a simple rule to live by: if the price of an essential oil seems unbelievable, it is.] Even though I knew better, I went ahead and took the plunge. I bought essential oils from sites without GC-MS testing. [More about testing later.] When the oils arrived, I knew I was in trouble. They didn’t smell or feel right. At first, I shrugged my shoulders and blew it off. After all, as someone who had been studying EOs for 3 years, I knew better. Buyer beware and all that jazz. But, what if I were someone who just wanted to enjoy EOs and had finally found ‘affordable’ choices? What if the additives in these oils made me ill? What if I wound up in an emergency room with a reaction to what I thought was an essential oil, and it was really something else? The negative possibilities are endless.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. I wrote two of the companies and neither would release their GC-MS reports. That is one of the most important lessons for you, if you are a dabbler in lotions, potions, or soaping. Even if you don’t know what all the reports mean, please do not buy any essential oil without a GC-MS report.

The anger fueled my writing, and I’m sharing my research paper with all of you here.
It’s long. It rambles a bit. I plan to add more to it.
If you can make good use of it, please do.

More importantly, get angry if anger fuels you to action and help move the movement!
Next up: Get Informed: Learn about Essential Oil Purity.

GC-MS Testing and the Adulteration Battle: Research by Pam Birtolo